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Political Science

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Master of Science (MS)


This is a study to identify how Kansas municipal and county law enforcement agencies implement the personnel recruitment and selection process, and to gather data to determine if smaller police agencies are more likely to follow the Internal Model and if they are likely to use fewer recruitment techniques than departments which follow the External Model. This study used stratified random sampling to select and survey 100 municipal and county law enforcement agencies in Kansas. A total of 67 responded, yielding usable data on 65. In evaluating these data, it became quite apparent that Kansas municipal and county law enforcement agencies, in general, follow the Internal Model: the police department and the chief/sheriff, and/or mayor/council, make policy, hire personnel and generally do not rely on external sources for input into the process. Although this study had some limitations, the results provide an accurate portrayal of recruitment and selection process of municipal and county law enforcement agencies in Kansas. These data indicate that overall, law enforcement in Kansas has not come very far in implementing changes suggested 25 years ago in the 1967 document Task Force Report: Police. We apparently are still mired in the dark ages with regard to the recruitment and selection of police officers.


Arthur L. Morin

Date of Award

Spring 1994

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Thesis - campus only access


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