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Master of Science (MS)


Considerable work dealing with analysis of oil-well waters of other areas has been published, but to the knowledge of the author, none has been published dealing specifically with the waters of this area. While the waters dealt with in this paper are not far different from the waters of the Midcontinent area as a whole, there are certain differences which are noticeable. For instance strontium is found in the top waters of the Eldorado, Kansas field. None has been found in this area. The sulphate content of the top water here is very high. Both apparently cause trouble at times. This illustrates the importance of this study. As development is progressing in this area analytical work will be of value. The main objectives of this investigation were to determine the amount of variation in concentration of salts, not only within a geologic formation, but the variation in concentrations at different points over the area studies; to determine the importance of water analysis for identification of waters in producing wells of this area; and to ascertain whether any valuable elements or compounds were present and, if so, in what quantities.


Dr. Roy Rankin

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Spring 1936

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