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This study surveyed the attitudes and beliefs of school personnel regarding inclusion policies for students in several Southwestern Kansas school districts. There were 58 regular and special educators as well as administrators who participated in this study. Educators were given the Schools and the Education of All Students (SEAS) survey and were asked to respond to items concerning their beliefs and attitudes regarding Inclusion. Demographic information was also included in the survey to identify and compare different subgroups. Different subgroups were compared to one another using one-way analysis of variance. Elementary teaching staff were found to hold more positive attitudes toward inclusion than secondary teaching staff. The results of this study did not indicate support for the hypothesis that educators with fewer years of experience in education have more positive attitudes toward inclusion than educators with many years of experience in education. Likewise, support was not found for the hypothesis that educators with more training and experience in implementing an inclusive educational program have more positive attitudes toward inclusion than those educators with less training and experience. Furthermore, results of this study indicated a positive correlation between attitudes toward inclusion and the presence of building and district level support. Implications of these results for future research and practice are discussed.


Leslie Paige

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Summer 1994

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Thesis - campus only access


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