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Criminal Justice

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Master of Science (MS)


This study has been made in the field of local government. It deals only with the sheriff's office in Ellis county , Kansas. The statutes of Kansas and their application and function show that this office is primarily the same today as it was in England in the seventeenth century. A study of the sheriff's office relates that the powers and duties are similar in Ellis county to those in England when the sheriff was a servant of the King and his court. Frequent changes have been made but the facts still remain that one of the main defects is due to the lack of responsibility, improper coordination, and the lack of integration between the state and the county. Also that some system of unified policing is necessary in view of changing conditions in the field of law enforcement and crime prevention.


Dr. W.D. Moreland

Date of Award

Spring 1936

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© 1936 Eugene McFarland


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