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Master of Science (MS)


Groundwater quality data combined with oil-well geophysical logs can be used to empirically determine general groundwater quality in Lower Cretaceous rocks of Western Kansas. Very little groundwater quality data exist for the Lower Cretaceous in this area. However, hundreds of geophysical logs are available. The Kansas Corporation Commission has expressed a need for groundwater chloride concentration data of the Dakota Formation and underlying Cretaceous units in order to specifically define oil well plugging and casing rules. The empirically corrected geophysical log data of the study area were summarized as chloride concentration contour maps for three different depth zones within the Lower Cretaceous. Broad areas of relatively low chloride concentrations exist within the Dakota Formation. The chloride concentration contour map of groundwater below the Dakota Formation probably represents the most complete and accurate data set of that particular depth zone known to date.


John R. Ratzlaff

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Spring 1994

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Thesis - campus only access


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