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Master of Science (MS)


A survey of vertebrates was conducted from 1987-1991 at Slate Creek Salt Marsh (SCSM), Sumner County, Kansas. Emphasis was placed on waterbirds, especially shorebirds, to determine the number of birds using the area on an annual basis. Preliminary results provide records for 15 species of fish, five species of frogs and toads, six species of turtles, two species of lizards, nine species of snakes, 29 species of mammals, and 233 species of birds. The total number of shorebirds recorded in 1988 was 24,254, and in 1989 was 24,416. Numbers based on the highest weekly peak counts showed that at least 22,664 shorebirds used the area between fall 1988 and spring 1989. Shorebird usage exceeds the minimal annual requirements needed to qualify as a regional site within the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. It is recommended that SCSM be considered as an area of importance to migrating shorebirds.


Charles A. Ely

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Fall 1993

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