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This study investigated the perceptions of adolescents and their parents regarding the effectiveness and context of sexuality, AIDS, and HIV communication. There were 37 adolescent subjects ranging in age from 13 to 16 years in this study. An additional 35 subjects consisted of one parent for each of the adolescent subjects. Parents and adolescents were given a questionnaire from the Revised Family Sex Communication Quotient (RFSCQ) and asked to respond to items across four dimensions: context, information, comfort, and value. Additional items in the questionnaire identified sources of sexual information, frequency of sex related communication, and primary sex educator. Parent scores were compared to adolescent scores using t-tests and chi-squares. Parents reported that they are the major source of information on sexuality and AIDS for their children; adolescents did not perceive their parents as being a major information source, nor did adolescents report their parents as being most informative or providing the most useful information about sexuality and AIDS. Significant differences between parent and adolescent perceptions of the context of sexuality discussions were also found, with parents reporting more planned discussions, while adolescents reported more casual or brief discussions. Implications of these results for practice and future research are discussed.


Richard Atkinson

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Summer 1993

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Thesis - campus only access


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