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Master of Science (MS)


Slate Creek Wetland is a natural saline wetland covering about 480 ha in southeastern Sumner County, Kansas. Physiographically, it lies on the border between the Great Bend lowlands and the Wellington lowlands which are subdivisions of the Arkansas River lowlands. There have been no detailed studies of the biodiversity of this unique area, thus I undertook a floristic survey in the spring of 1990 in conjunction with an avifauna] survey. Discernible plant communities and conspicuous surface features were identified. Collection efforts produced 169 species of flowering plants. Vegetation was classified into eight major community types, in the following order of areal extent: 1) Spartina-Distichlis; 2) lva-Distichlis; 3) Distichlis: 4) Upland Mixed Prairie: 5) Spartina; 6) Spartina-Suaeda; 7) Typha; 8) Ruppia. Surface features of the area included numerous mud flats and several seeps and springs.


Robert Nicholson

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Spring 1993

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Thesis - campus only access


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