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The purpose of the researcher was to investigate characteristics public school superintendents consider important in choosing candidates to interview for elementary principal positions. Superintendents were mailed one of the following profiles, one with a male name, one with a female name, and one that was non-specific. After reviewing the profile they were asked to rate credentials according to characteristics: (1) Professional Educational Experience of selected candidate's resumes, (2) Administrative/leadership qualities of selected candidate's resumes, (3) Social Skills/Personality of selected candidate's resumes, (4) Academic Ability and Skills of selected candidate's resumes, and (5) Attitude of selected candidate's resumes. The following independent variables were investigated: (1) amount of formal education of superintendent, (2) age of superintendent, (3) years as a superintendent, (4) number of years as a principal, (5) level of principalship, and (6) athletic classification of high school. All 303 superintendents to public schools were mailed a packet, 203 were returned and 160 were usable. The sample size was 160. A total of 3 composite null hypotheses were tested employing a three-way analysis of variance. A total of 95 comparisons plus 5 recurring were made. Of the 95 comparisons, 35 were main effects, of the 35 main effects, 9 were statistically significant at the .05 level. Of the 9 which were statistically significant, 1 pertained directly to profile. Of the 60 interactions, 9 were statistically significant at the .05 level. Of the 9 interactions, 5 related directly to type of profile rated. The results of the present study appeared to support the following generalizations: (1) superintendents receiving non specific profiles and male profiles rated them statistically higher for Administrative Abilities/leadership than those receiving female profiles, (2) superintendents age 46- 55 rated female profiles and non specific profiles higher than any other age group, and (3) superintendents age 25-45 rated female profiles and non specific lower than any other age group.


Charles Leftwich

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Spring 1993

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Thesis - campus only access


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