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Master of Arts (MA)


I enjoy working with both figures and still life, but I prefer to draw people because of the greater complexity in the nature of their existence. My live-model drawings are of women acquaintances/friends whose features intrigue me in some aspect, like “Friderike”, a young woman staying with the Ozakis on a homestay program. When drawing figures, my purpose is to express existence. My still-lifes are an opportunity to create existence. They consist of primary forms gradually combined with secondary forms to highlight the former’s aesthetic qualities. This necessitates carefully controlled contrasts: mass and space, roughness and smoothness, light and shadow, solidity and transparency. Symbolism or dark humor occasionally underlies the arrangements, as in “Untitled”, in which spiral wire and bread symbolize DNA and life, or in “Milk Can”, where a cow skull rests on the top of a can.


Joanne Harwick

Date of Award

Summer 1993

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Thesis - campus only access


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