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Master of Science (MS)


We have adopted the pseudopotential and its construction procedures developed by Hamann to obtain the pseudopotentials of the noble gases as the first step in a series of efforts to enhance the power of gaseous lasers. The advantages of using pseudopotential are (1) the fast-reached convergence of electron wavefunctions and the drastically-reduced dimensions (matrix elements) of the Hamiltonian. (2) the built-in transferability which allows one to apply it to a single atom, a molecule, in an atomic or molecular system, in solids, and on a solid surface. (3) the inclusion of relativistic effects due to significant spin-orbital interaction which permits its application to all elements throughout the entire periodic table. The results are expressed in terms of calculated potential parameters and the Guassian exponential decay with respect to the radial distance of the electron from the nucleus. With the obtained pseudopotential, the approach is used to computate the cross-section for elastic scattering of electrons by atoms in a low-energy region. The results are found to be close to the experimental and theoretical data.


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Spring 1993

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