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Political Science

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Master of Science (MS)


The great problem of municipal finance with which a majority of our municipalities are confronted at the present time is a problem that can be attacked only through a slow process of analysis and investigation. Slashing of salaries, indiscriminate dispensing with the various services offered by the city in prosperous times, and increasing of bonded indebtedness will not in any sense provide a permanent solution to the problem. The difficulty is in tracing the course of money taken in by the city from its source to its ultimate use in providing that which the citizens demand. When this has been done, then it may be possible to locate points in the city budget where reductions can be made without a corresponding reduction in the efficiency of the city. The primary aim of the writer of this thesis has been to investigate the various avenues from which funds for the support of the city of Hays are derived, to trace these funds through the collecting and controlling agencies of the city, and finally, to determine the ultimate purpose for which the funds are expended. No attempt has been made to present the administration of the finance of Hays from the viewpoint of the critical observer interested in uncovering either outstanding efficiencies or inefficiencies. Rather, the data herein presented are submitted as an impartial study of a typical city of the second class of Kansas, showing only that information which is available to every citizen who may be interested in carrying on such an investigation.


Dr. W.D. Moreland

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Spring 1936

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© 1936 Lorenze Randall Bingham


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