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Master of Science (MS)


The report which is being submitted here is the result of several weeks of field and laboratory work investigating the rocks of the Upper Cretaceous System of Ellis County, Kansas. The writer has attempted to consider the subject primarily from a chemical viewpoint although much of the background for the work has been of a geological nature. There has been no attempt to give a complete chemical analysis of the rocks of the Upper Cretaceous System, but rather a more or less thorough analysis in regard to the percentage of lime that the rocks of the various formations and members in respective parts of the county may contain. Also the attempt has been made to determine the consistency of the percentage of lime in a given member in various parts of the county and also of different beds of a given member in the same locality. The possibility of the existence of limestone of a percentage sufficiently high to be used for cattle feeding and for the manufacturing of lime has also been investigated. So far as the writer has been able to learn, there has been no work done on the chemical composition of the rooks of the Upper Cretaceous System of Ellis County, other than at Yocemento. Undoubtedly analytical work was done there during the time the cement factory was operating. However, the plant has been closed for a good many years and no printed materials are available regarding the nature of the enterprise. Much of the work has been based upon the geological report of N. W. Bass, entitled "Geologic Investigations in Western Kansas."


Dr. Roy Rankin

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Fall 1935

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© 1935 G. Lawrence Rarick


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