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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to describe felons' views of their childhood reading habits. The study focused on the types of literature enjoyed as well as the frequency of reading for pleasure. Demographic data gathered from the respondents included age, language, race, educational level, and adults in the home during childhood. The respondents used a self-report questionnaire to express their opinions of their childhood reading habits. They marked the types of literature they enjoyed reading from a list of 14 choices. A Likert scale was used to demonstrate the frequency of reading and being read to as a child. The results of this investigation revealed that the majority of felons enjoyed reading adventure, history, and comic books as children. Most report being read to Sometimes as a child under the age of 12, but never between the ages of 12 and 18. Frequency of independent reading was reported a sometimes between the ages of 0-12, and rose to often from 12-18.


Donna J. Harsh

Date of Award

Summer 1992

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Thesis - campus only access


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