Master's Theses

Date of Award

Fall 1992

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Social Work


Bill Daley


The purpose of the researcher was to investigate the role and function of the elementary school counselor. The independent variable investigated were student to counselor ratio, the number of buildings served by the counselor, district size and the number of counselors working in the district. The dependent variables were the following subscales of a questionnaire regarding role and function of the elementary school course for: Program Development, Counseling, Consultation, Coordination/Public Relations, Testing, Referral, Enrichment and Renewal, Non-counseling Activities/Auxiliary Aid, Research, Program Accountability and total score. Four composite null hypotheses were tested on a sample of 169 practicing Kansas elementary school counselors using three-way analysis of variance. The statistical analysis consisted of 154 comparisons plus 154 reoccurring. Of the 154 comparisons, 23 were statistically significant at the .05 level. Of the 23 statistically significant comparisons, 14 were for main effects and 9 were for interactions.


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