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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the researcher was to investigate sexual attitudes of college students. The independent variables employed were gender, family structure, family sex communication, age and classification. The dependent variables were the following subscales of sexual attitudes: Permissiveness, Sex Practices, Communion, and Instrumentality. The sample population was 220 students from a Western Kansas university. Five composite null hypotheses were tested using three-way analysis of variance. The five composite null hypotheses tested generated 70 comparisons and 70 recurring comparisons. Of the 70 comparisons tested 10 were statistically significant. Of the 10 statistically significant comparisons, 5 were for main effects and 5 were for interactions. 1. Males have a more permissive attitude toward sex than females, 2. Females have a more accepting attitude toward sex practices than males, 3. Older students are more accepting of sex practices than young students, 4. Students with a high level of family sex communication were more instrumental than students with low or medium levels of family sex communication, 5. Students from 2 parent and 1 parent homes were more permissive than students from blended families, 6. An interaction between age and family sex communication for instrumentality, 7. An interaction between age and family structure for Instrumentality, 8. An interaction between family structure and classification for communion, 9. An interaction between gender and classification for Instrumentality, 10. And interaction between gender and family structure for Instrumentality.


Bill Daley

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Summer 1991

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Thesis - campus only access


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