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Communication Studies

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Master of Science (MS)


Studies have researched the question of news media power and influence form several different angles particularly concerning the question of objectivity. The purpose of this thesis was to provide one more angle of approach to this question. In so doing it has dealt with the specific topic abortion as it was covered by the New York Times in 1980 and 1988. A content analysis was conducted on all the items listed under the topic of abortion as found in the New York Times Index for the 1980 and 1988. These items appeared in the final Late City Edition of the Times. The analysis was done in order to compare the two election years of 1980 and 1988, when abortion was a major political issue. The raw data of the analysis was then subjected to a Chi-square test using contingency tables. The results indicate that there were differences between the two years.


Willis M. Watt

Date of Award

Spring 1991

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Thesis - campus only access


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