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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


An artistic style and the development of an artist is a continual evolution no matter how subtle or abrupt. Upon completion of my Master of Arts degree in 1975, I considered myself a regional landscape artist. My work reflected an attitude of appreciation and concern for the natural beauty of the land, the essence of life and death, past and future, the subtle beauty of tokens of the past in a romantic interpretation of contemporary life. The nostalgic handling the landscape, the deserted farmhouse or the countless sunsets were symbols of the past and future of man. These symbols concealed a hidden concern for the future, a concern that must be respected if we are to survive and continue to enjoy the natural beauty and bounty of the land. The evolution of my work today continues to reflect these attitudes and concerns, though I feel it is much more pointed and obvious; the images are much bolder and more graphic, and the message is less concealed.


Joanne Harwick

Date of Award

Spring 1990

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Thesis - campus only access


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