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Master of Science (MS)


Based on gender, age, education level, online shopping, economic state, and level of development, this thesis discusses the kinds of electronic communication devices which are used in Arabic countries. Also, the internet, cellphone usage, and how electronic communication technology effect individual's lives in Arabic countries will be studied. As a developing Arabic country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeking to use the best methods of digital education. Spending on education technology in the UAE is one of the highest in the world. The UAE is constantly looking to better the educational system. The economy in UAE has developed into a modern state. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is another an Arab Kingdom in the Middle East. This research discusses the importance of the information and communication sectors in Jordan. These sectors, as well as telecommunications and technology, business banking, the internet and e-commerce solutions, online shopping, and communication centers are the fastest growing areas in Jordan. Finally, Saudi Arabia has the highest reserves of national oil in the world. Recently, Saudi Arabia has developed rapidly because of its oil exports, so quality of life for citizens has improved. The government has provided an inexpensive distribution of electrical power, which helps advance internet use. Also, the improvement of the living level, and the internet and cellular phones have entered into people’s lives which bring more convenience to communicate in Saudi Arabia, especially in education.


Dr. Connie Eigenmann

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Spring 2016

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