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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


The visual expression in this exhibition culminated from more than two years of concentrated effort. The prints empathetically in some cases, and neutrally in others, record my observations of selected experiences from a broad spectrum occurring throughout human existence. Serious effort was made in this series of prints to communicate the power of the pertinent, the adverse, the gruesome, and the magnificent. Creative expression in the arts is often used to elicit feelings from the observer which may be neutral, negative or positive. Individuals viewing such art might be stimulated to make proactive demands in some cases or develop proactive support in others. Some of the pieces illustrate problems within our ever more crowed planet such as conflict, poverty or the sense of being left out. Others depict ordinary circumstances. My purpose in this exhibit was to do art based upon my observations concerning society from a global scale down to a personal level. Each person that views my art will bring special experiences resulting in a completely personal interpretation. When there is this interaction between the art and the viewer, I am gratified and feel my creation is a success.


John Thorns, Jr.

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Spring 1989

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Thesis - campus only access


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