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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


One hundred forty-nine children in grades kindergarten through 12th, ages 5 to 18 years of age participated. Children in this study were referred to special education for an evaluation or for counseling. They were referred for learning difficulties (LD), behavioral problems (BD), or they were performing exceptionally well in the classrooms (Gifted). One third of the children were from divorced homes. There were significant differences between children from divorced homes and nondivorced homes for IQ scores and a variety of academic subtests. The children from divorced homes scored lower than children from nondivorced homes, but the mean scores for both groups were within the average range. Children actually being placed in special education and children not being placed in special education were also significantly different on certain variables (primarily IQs). As was expected, gifted children scored higher on more variables than did BD or LD children. BD children generally scored higher on more variables than did the LD children.


David Williamson

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Summer 1989

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Thesis - campus only access


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