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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


This field study obtained information from parents of present and former students who have participated in special education, as well as students presently receiving services in mildly handicapped special education programs, in order to evaluate the emphasis of present programs. Information was sought to aid in determining parent and student expectations for post high school experiences to assess whether current programs were addressing these needs. Additional information was sought from parents of former special education students to evaluate what types of skills they have found necessary in their real life experiences. Results suggested the need to reevaluate the current high school curriculum and determine if it is meeting the needs of the students it serves in terms of occupational guidance and preparation, independent living and personal skills development. Students in special education appear to expect to be independent once they leave school. The crucial question is whether special education services, as they are currently provided, address the issues of skill development to help promote this independence, as much as is possible and is needed.


David Williamson

Date of Award

Summer 1989

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Thesis - campus only access


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