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Master of Science (MS)


Haberer's Salt Marsh is located adjacent to the Saline River approximately 8.9 km southeast of Fairport, Kansas. Indications are that the vegetational composition has changed very little prehistorically (Holocene) and historically. During this investigation 10 community types were mapped and described. Physical and vegetational components were used to describe each community. Presence/Absence quadrats were used to determine compute and relative frequencies of the plant species encountered in the marsh. The most frequently encountered plant, Distichlis spicata (saltgrass), occurred in all but one of the communities. Most interesting was the occurrence of Triglochin maritime (arrowgrass), which has not been reported from any other locality in Kansas. T. maritima grows in dense mats associated with active salt spring areas. These mats may occur in the form of large upraised mounds or as simple flat mats.


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Summer 1988

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