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Master of Science (MS)


Three species of camels were recovered from the early Hemphillian (Miocene) Minium Quarry local biota (Ogallala Group) of north-central Kansas. A small and large camel, Hemiauchenia vera Matthew and Megatylopus cf. M. gigas Matthew and Cook respectively, were identified by comparison to known taxa. A medium-sized camel is assigned to Procamelus based on measurements and biometric analysis of referred metapodials, and may represent a new species. It is the largest Procamelus yet described, and suggests that a phylogenetic relationship exists between Procamelus and Megatylopus. Procamelus can be distinguished from Alforjas, a medium-sized Neogene camelid that consistently exhibits overlap of biometric parameters with Procamelus, by differences in the angularity and shape of metapodial proximal articular facets, and in the osteology of the plantar process.


Richard Zawerksi

Date of Award

Summer 1988

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Thesis - campus only access


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