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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the present study was to compare self reported and actual self-presentational behavior. One hundred two students from several undergraduate courses were asked to take part in two separate sessions. In session one, subjects were administered a bogus “personality inventory". Part of this "inventory" was the impression Management Checklist (Olson, 1987). The checklist was used to identity self-reported impression management style for "consistents" and "impression managers". In the second session, subjects were observed for actual self-presentation behavior. A 2x2x2.2 analysis at variance was used to analyze the data. Between subjects variables were self-presentation style, audience, and profile. The within subjects variable was item relation. A main effect for self presentation style and a three-way interaction effect tor audience by profile by item relation were obtained. The first 48 subjects participated during the spring semester, and the other 54 subjects participated during summer session. The spring semester group produced the expected results, while the summer group produced no significant effects. Differences between these groups were discussed and suggestions were made for future research.


Kenneth Olson

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Summer 1988

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