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Master of Science (MS)


This study was designed to investigate the relationship between how a client's past interpersonal relationships and self-efficacy towards therapy are related to the therapy relationship and the outcome of therapy. The clients' perceptions of a significant past interpersonal relationship were measured by the Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory (B.L.R.I.) immediately after the initial therapy interview. The clients' and therapists' perceptions of self-efficacy towards therapy (measured by a two item questionnaire), and the clients' and therapists' perceptions of the therapy relationship (measured by the B.L.R.I.) were assessed after the first and fifth or final therapy session. The therapists' perceptions of the outcome of therapy were also measured (using the Current Assessment Rating Scale) after the first and fifth or final therapy session. Subjects consisted of 20 clients who were paired with one of 8 therapists. The subjects were clients coming to the George A. Kelly Psychological Service Center for therapy, their therapists, and clients entering therapy at Psychological Grow t h Associates, Inc. and their therapists. The results suggested that a client's most significant positive past interpersonal relationship was positively related to the client's perceptions of the psychotherapeutic relationship. The client's most significant past interpersonal relationship was found to be positively related to the therapist's perceptions of therapy outcome. Therapy outcome was also seen to be related to the client's perceived se lf-efficacy concerning therapeutic change. The client's initial perception of self-efficacy was correlated with the therapist's fifth or final perception s of therapy outcome, thus suggesting early measures of the client's self-efficacy perceptions were related to therapy outcome as perceived by the therapist. Together, the findings provided information regarding several possible reasons why some clients l eave therapy early, and provide support for consideration of early measurement of a client's past interpersonal relationships and self-efficacy.


Thomas T. Jackson

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Spring 1987

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