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Master of Science (MS)


The research problem for this study was whether a woman is perceived to be as competent as a man when in a leadership role. The Attitudes Toward Women Scale (AWS) was used to classify men and women subjects into either profeminist attitude groups or conservative attitude groups. The groups rated a scripted male or female leader on the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire. Four cells were formed from the subjects’ responses, high and low AWS men rating alternating male or female leaders, and high and low AWS women rating alternating male or female leaders. A three-way MANDVA was used to analyze the data. It was found that there were no significant differences between conservative and profeminist subject’s judgments of a leader’s effectiveness regardless of the leader’s gender. The results found no significant differences in leader behavior ratings from low AWS men and women subjects, which was not what was expected.


Cathy Hall

Date of Award

Spring 1987

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Thesis - campus only access


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