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The purpose of the researcher was to investigate family structure, quality of family life, academic achievement, grade placement and student gender. Independent variables were family structure, quality of family life, gender and grade placement. Dependent variables were academic achievement and quality of family life. A total of 276 fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from one small community (5,000 to 10,000) were studied. The three instruments utilized were Science Research Associates (SRA), Personal Attribute Inventory for Children-Family (PAIC) and a student’s biographical information sheet. Nine null hypotheses were tested at the .05 level of significance. A total of 58 comparisons were investigated and 20 were statistically significant. The results of this study appeared to support the following generalizations. 1. Children from intact family structures had higher mathematics achievement scores than children from blended family structures. 2. Family structure and gender had no effect on reading achievement scores. 3. There was no difference in quality of family life according to gender. 4. There was no difference in quality of family life according to family structure. 5. Females had higher academic achievement than males. 6. Fifth grade students had lower achievement than sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. 7. Eighth grade students had higher achievement than sixth and seventh grade students.


Ed Stehno

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Fall 1987

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