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Master of Arts (MA)


Within the legacy of Graphic Design is a rich history that has played a dynamic role in the continuum of humanity and civilized cultures. From the caves at Lascaux to the hypostyle hall at Karnak, to the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to the advent of engraving, printing and printing presses, Graphic Design was evolving, slowly emerging into its own specialization. In an esoteric sense Graphic Design provides a link to a restoration process of human and aesthetic values. Similar to the rest of the art world, Graphic Design reflects upon the beliefs and practices of a culture. In my work, the interrelationship between Idea, Process and Form is of primary importance. It is within the realm of this interrelationship that a revelation between content and substance is made known. In this revealing enigma a central theme emerges giving unity to a creative flow that perpetuates Idea and Process. Form surrenders itself to an agreement with Idea and Process thus supporting the substance behind a central theme.


John Thorns, Jr.

Date of Award

Summer 1986

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Thesis - campus only access


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