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Thesis - campus only access

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Spring 1986

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Master of Arts (MA)




John Thorns, Jr.


Perspective, color and rhythm are the basic elements I lend to create my abstract aesthetic form. I seek subject matter that is both of the aesthetic and of the world. Spontaneity is achieved through the collage technique I have adopted. This technique uses magazine color fields and textures out of context to create contemporary image fragments into design. The reverse glass medium gives my work its own degree of formality. Formal concerns involve the purity of the glass surface, increased color intensity and the fragile existence it embodies. Some of the glass paintings broke, which gave me collage materials in glass. This led me to create a form that exists only in slides. The “Project Series” is a three dimensional installation that constantly changes. The installation reveals certain lines of sight which allow a balanced composition within the borders of the slide.


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