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Master of Science (MS)


Effective July 1, 1985, Kansas legislative policy will continue to permit the underground burial of toxic substances only as a final alternative in hazardous waste management. Section 2, T.13S., R.39W. is one of several optimal locations in central Wallace County that satisfies many criteria necessary for the safe, shallow disposal of any non- radioactive waste. This site is a topographic high underlain by about 40 feet of unsaturated loess and/or Ogallala sediments that must be removed to expose the Weskan member of the Pierre Shale. The approximate thickness of 300 feet and 70% total clay content suggest that the Pierre is well-suited for use as a waste repository at this site. The dry sub-humid climate and tectonic stability in northwest Kansas are conducive to shallow disposal practices. A well designed and managed facility includes leachate collection and monitoring systems and should provide future generations of Kansans with the most protection possible from any disposal methodology legal in the state.


Michael E. Nelson

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Spring 1985

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Thesis - campus only access


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