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Master of Science (MS)


The goal of this study was to define creative dramatics, discuss the work being done by selected representatives in the field, and to analyze the work of Brian Way to discover key approaches to his method of creative dramatics. Brian way is a pioneer in creative dramatics and integration of the arts. Since 1943 he has worked with children in drama. He has traveled all over the world in recent years leading workshops to help teachers guide children in the area of creative dramatics. The author has extracted a series of conclusions and observations about Way's techniques in creative dramatics by participating in two of Way’s workshops; studying a series of ten audio tapes and one video tape; reading Dr. Ronald Wood's dissertation “The Evolution of Brian Way's Participational Theatre”; and analysis of Way's two texts, Development Through Drama and Audience participation. Some of these conclusions include Way's: three-step approach to creative dramatics, involvement with process and not end product, and use of a totally non-evaluative mode of expression.


Stephen Shapiro

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Spring 1985

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Thesis - campus only access


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