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Social Work

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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the researcher was to investigate the effectiveness of a pre-first grade program. The subjects consisted of three groups of subjects: two groups of pre-first graders and one group of first graders, who had participated in the pre-first grade program, a total of 35 subjects. An ex post facto design was employed. The scores from the following instruments were employed: Metropolitan Readiness Test, Pathfinders Readiness Test, SRA Achievement Test and an instructor's checklist. The analysis consisted of testing eight null hypotheses. A total of 133 comparisons were made which included 91 correlation coefficients. All eight hypotheses were tested at the .05 level of significance. Each of the eight hypotheses was rejected. The results of the study indicated the following: 1. that a pre-first grade experience can be academically successful. 2. That those who participate in pre-first tend to be successful in regular first grade. 3. That pre-first grade experiences may vary in effectiveness. 4. That test results alone should not be employed for identifying children to participate in pre-first grade. 5. That those who participated in the pre-first grade tended to show improvement in social, general information and physical coordination.


Bill Daley

Date of Award

Fall 1985

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Thesis - campus only access


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