Master's Theses

Document Type

Thesis (L20)

Date of Award

Spring 1930

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Dr. R.R. Macgregor


In this thesis I have endeavored to give a chronological estimate and interpretation of Eugene O’Neill’s plays as well as nearly in the order of their writing as possible. I have incorporated in this article only those of O’Neill’s plays which I have read and studied thoroughly, giving first a brief summary and then a criticism of each. These include all except eight of O’Neill’s printed plays. Five of the eight are Thirst, The Web, Warnings, Fog, and Recklessness, which were printed in 1914 under the title of Thirst and Other One-Act Plays by Eugene C. O’Neill. However, O’Neill has now definitely repudiated the publication of this volume, and those universities which are in possession of the volume evidently do not care to have it in their libraries, The other three plays, Marco Millions, Lazarus Laughed, and Dynamo, were not available to me.


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