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Thesis (L20)

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Spring 1930

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Master of Science (MS)




The general aim of this bibliography is to provide a source from which investigators in subjects pertaining to Kansas can find out what material is available in their fields and where to find it. The work done in this thesis is a beginning of a final work which will be a bibliography of books, pamphlets, newspaper articles, magazines, manuscripts, maps and other materials pertaining to Kansas. The final work will be completed by other students of the Kansas State Teachers College of Hays. The sources from which the material contained in my thesis was obtained are the Kansas State Historical Library and the Library of Congress. The materials included in this thesis are, in general, of historical nature. The thesis contains general Kansas entries, general Kansas history, and the history of each of the counties of Kansas. There are approximately six thousand titles indexing state documents, books, pamphlets, and such newspaper articles as are in scrapbooks at the Historical Library at Topeka, Kansas.


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