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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the researcher was to evaluate the effect of Socratically presented drug education information in changing students’ attitudes toward drug abuse. The subjects consisted of 110 fifth graders who attended four elementary schools. The instrument used to evaluate the students’ attitudinal change was a questionnaire developed by the researchers and staff at Mid-America Foundation. The questionnaire included items covering feelings about how acceptable drug and alcohol use is and what kind of people use drugs and alcohol. The Solomon design was employed and three hypotheses were tested. One hypothesis was tested with an analysis of covariance, one with t tests and one with a single- factor analysis of variance. The results from the analysis of covariance were significant at the .05 level, but the control group generated the greater amount of change. Three t tests were applied, one generated results which were significant at the .05 level indicating that one implementation group had greater change than the control group. A single- factor analysis of variance was employed for testing the differences among all post means. No significant (. 05 level) differences were found. The findings of this study seem to corroborate the results from a study by Schaps, (01/01/1982) as well as four studies reported by Randall and Wong, that the dissemination of drug education information has no statistically significant effect.


Bill Daley

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Spring 1984

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Thesis - campus only access


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