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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a 14-week program of three methods of teaching Aerobic Dance on the aerobic working capacity, weight, percent fat skinfold, and girth measurements in University women. Thirty-three women were exercised two times per week under the Jackie Sorensen method of Aerobic Dance. Thirty-three women were exercised under the Nancy Kabriel method of Aerobic Dance and twenty-six were trained under the Pat Turczany method of Aerobic Dance devised by the researcher. Ten women served as controls. Skin folds were taken at the right side of the body with a Lange caliper at the tricep and supra iliac. Subjects were trained to monitor their heart rates using the site of the carotid artery. After 15 minutes of quiet rest, the resting heart rate was recorded. This procedure was repeated three times and the mean score recorded. Aerobic work capacity was assessed by the use of the Copper 12 Minute Walk Run fitness test. The weight of the subjects were recorded with the use of a Detecto scale. Girth measurements were taken at the bust, waist, hip and thigh. Identical tests were performed pre and post the 14-week training programs. The training sessions lasted 50 minutes and varied in their methodology of Aerobic Dance. Pretest and posttest data were analyzed. An analysis of variance on the pretest, posttest differences was followed by a post hoc Scheff© Test to determine between group differences. Aerobic work capacity was significantly greater (p < .01) in the Turczany group as compared to the remaining three experimental groups. There was no significant difference between the Sorensen and Kabriel groups in the percent fat skin folds. However, there was significance found between the Turczany group and Sorensen group. The Turczany method seems to decrease percent fat better than the Sorensen method or Kabriel method of Aerobic Dance. The girth measurements of the waist and hips were found to be significant at the (p < .01) level in the Turczany group. It was concluded that the Turczany Aerobic Dance method was an effective way to improve cardiovascular efficiency and a viable alternative to more traditional fitness programs provided by Jackie Sorensen or Nancy Kabriel.


Mark Giese

Date of Award

Spring 1983

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Thesis - campus only access


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