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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


I am involved in two types of creativity: one is for myself and the other is art for an audience. All of my works are created from a concept of simple form and composition resulting in modesty, calmness and peacefulness. Some of my early drawings reflect a homesickness for my homeland. I used pale colors to portray this feeling of loneliness and created a sense of distance or “space” in the work to signify something for which I dream. Many techniques (including airbrush and hatching) were used to achieve my goal. Sketch after sketch was necessary to create and arrange forms and space. My art is not an emotional art. It is subtle rather than exciting to look at, but it does have its own way of portraying feelings for myself. This is art for myself. In contrast, the graphic design work I create has nothing to do with portraying my feelings of lonely feelings. Graphic design involves a language of signs and images to communicate information to its audience. It has to have a client, a theme, a budget, and an audience. In graphic design I use the concept of simple form carefully arranged in composition. This requires hours of study, research and development of sketches before the final sketch is completed for the presentation. In summary, there are two different elements in my creativity: one is to create art for myself, and the other is to create art for an audience. However, the most important aspect of these two elements is the happiness, enjoyment and pride that I receive from my art.


John Thorns, Jr.

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Spring 1983

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Thesis - campus only access


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