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Master of Science (MS)


Effects of historic and continuing disturbance on the flora and mammalian fauna at Barr Lake State Park, Adams County, Colorado, were assessed. Construction of an impoundment and conversion of adjacent rangeland to cropland altered the composition, and the former probably initially increased the richness, of the mammalian fauna. Twelve mammalian species known to occur primarily in grassland habitats were replaced by six species associated with riparian habitats plus one native commensal species and two non-native commensal species. Habitat associations of small mammals were compared using measurements of understory vegetation and were analyzed using multiple regression. chi-square, and polar ordination. Microtus ochrogaster and Reithrodontomys megalotis were associated with habitats dominated by grasses with dense overhead cover. Peromyscus maniculatus and Mus musculus were associated with habitats dominated by forbs and occupied habitat on the lake bed after mid - summer drawdown for irrigation. Microtus pennsylvanicus was associated with habitats dominated by sedges and occurred primarily in the marsh below the dam. The possibility of competitive interaction between M. ochrogaster and R. megalotis is explored, and management recommendations for terrestrial habitats at Barr Lake are presented.


Jerry R. Choate

Date of Award

Fall 1982

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Thesis - campus only access


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