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Social Work

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Master of Science (MS)


A pretest and posttest two group design was employed to investigate the effects of a Self- Concept Enhancement Activities Program on the general self-concept of 41 sixth grade students. This program was developed to establish a strategy for improving students' self-concept in the classroom. The two groups designated as the implementation and the comparison groups were evaluated with an instrument developed by the Instructional Objectives Exchange, the Self Appraisal Inventory. Four subscales and the total inventory were investigated. An investigation was also made to determine the effects of the program on the implementation group who scored above and below the median on the pretest. Each hypothesis tested employed the one-way analysis of covariance. The results of statistical analysis indicated all null hypotheses had to be accepted at the .05 level of significance. Although statistical analysis showed no significant difference in the implementation group, the researcher reported noted gains in students in acceptance of others and feels gains in self awareness were created.


Bill Daley

Date of Award

Summer 1982

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Thesis - campus only access


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