Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1982

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Paul Zelhart


The present study examined the relationship among the subject’s age, sex, liberal-conservative attitudes, and their fantasies. Subjects responded to a questionnaire with seven scales (a) Positive-Constructive fantasies, (b) Attentional-Control fantasies, (c) Guilt-Fear of Failure fantasies, (d) Sexual fantasies, (e) Bizarre-Improbable fantasies, (f) Present-Oriented fantasies, and (g) Liberalism-Conservatism attitudes. Total fantasy frequency was determined by combing the other fantasy scales. It was proposed that (a) liberals would engage in more sexual and bizarre-improbable fantasies than conservatives, (b) males would typically be more liberal and engage in sexual fantasy more frequently than females, (c) subjects would typically engage in less sexual and bizarre-improbable fantasies as age increase, and (d) fantasies would be typically present oriented. Results for the research questions were mixed. In general, it was found that age affects the frequency of positive-constructive, sexual, and total fantasies. Liberal-conservative attitudes were also different. Males and females scored differently with regard to sexual and present-oriented fantasies. Sex differences were also found in liberal-conservative attitudes. Finally, liberal-conservative attitudes affect the significance of age and sex differences for positive-constructive, guilt-fear of failure, bizarre-improbable, sexual, and total fantasies. The data did not support any specific theoretical explanation.


Copyright 1982 Brent L. Halderman


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