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Master of Science (MS)


The present study utilized the TAPE analysis (Pervin, 1967) to determine the person/environment interaction with measures of college satisfaction and performance in college freshmen (N=104). Among other hypotheses the study tested the basic premise of the TAPE analysis which is that congruency between person and environment is related to increased performance and greater reported satisfaction. Satisfaction was measured by two measures: The College Student Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSSQ) and the TAPE sixteen item satisfaction questionnaire. The results of the present study do not support the hypothesis that performance increases as the person/environment relationship becomes more congruent. The hypothesis that satisfaction increases as the person/environment fit becomes more congruent was supported. The results also show that satisfaction and performance are highly related. Additional information obtained in this study indicates that the Pervin satisfaction measure can be used effectively as an overall satisfaction measure, although it has not been reported being used in that manner. A comparison of the five parts of the CSSQ with the results of a factor analysis of the Pervin scale indicates that while these scales measure different aspects of college satisfaction, they are, overall, highly related.


Paul Zelhart

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Summer 1981

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