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Master of Science (MS)


The City of Victoria is a small town of approximately 1,200 people situated in Central Kansas. Along with other communities in Kansas, recent drought has made the issue of water quality and availability a pressing concern with local officials. This city relies heavily on the use of ground-water wells located south of the town near the Big Creek channel. It is the purpose of this study to define the hydrogeological conditions effecting the City’s well field, and in turn apply this information to define an area of influence and outline potential hazards for the well field. Utilizing previous studies, along with hydrographs, water table contours, lithologic logs, a geologic cross-section, watershed analyses, and several aquifer pump tests, a more detailed source water assessment area has been identified. This new assessment area shows the extent of land that has the potential to influence the City’s well field, either by runoff or recharge into the aquifer. Within this assessment area, areas of immediate influence have been identified for several individual wells. Finally, land coverage was evaluated for areas within the proposed source water assessment area.


Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser

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Spring 2017

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