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Master of Science (MS)


A group of 70 subjects (30 high school graduates, 10 nineteen to twenty year old high school graduates, 10 high school dropouts, 10 GED students and 10 GED graduates) both male and female were administered the Tiffany Experienced Control (EC) Scale. The differences between the groups were examined and it was hypothesized that dropouts, including both GED students and GED graduates, would be significantly different on the Experienced Control Scale. The results were somewhat supportive of the hypothesis that dropouts do differ from the other four groups of subjects on several EC scale components and situations. Dropouts tended to have significantly higher control form their internal impulses and perceived control from the environment than other groups. GED students also received significantly lower scores on items measuring internal impulses and perceived control form the environment than high school dropouts. GED graduates received significantly higher scores on items measuring control of their impulses and the environment than either the dropout or GED student groups. These finding suggest that there are significant differences on how dropouts, GED students and GED graduates perceive control in their environments.


Phyllis G. Tiffany

Date of Award

Summer 1980

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Thesis - campus only access


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