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No comprehensive account of the distribution and biogeography of mammals in South Dakota has been published. Over and Churchill (1941) compiled information available at that time on the mammals of the state, but their work was sketchy and was processed in the form of a mimeographed bulletin, which was not widely distributed. Other studies conducted in South Dakota have dealt with mammalian faunas of particular regions of the state, such as the Black Hills (Turner, 1974), Clay County (Findley, 1956b), and Harding County (Anderson and Jones, 1971), or have pertained to distributions of individual taxa (for example, Handley, 1953; Birney and Lampe, 1972; Jones et al., 1978). One unique region of the state for which the mammalian fauna have received little attention is located in Bennet County, where expansive marshland abuts the northern border of the Nebraska Sandhills of Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge (Fig. 1). The marshland is isolated from similar habitats and is of appreciable biogeographical significance especially with respect to mesic-adapted species.


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