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Master of Science (MS)




Robert Markley


The study was concerned with the effects of the physical attractiveness and name popularity of a student upon others. One hundred forty-one junior, senior, and graduate students majoring in education rated their impressions of a student on thirteen academic and socio-personal categories after exposure to a grade card of a fictitious 6th grade boy. Each card contained a picture of an attractive boy, a picture of an unattractive boy or no picture at all paired with a popular first name, an unpopular first name or no name at all. The categories rated included six academically related items and seven socio-personal categories. Significant results were found for the effects of physical attractiveness of a student for all socio-personal categories except one (concerning parental involvement in child's education), but on none of the academic categories. Name popularity was found to have a significant effect only on the category of socioeconomic status. There were no interactions between name and attractiveness. The results are further clarified and implications discussed.


Copyright 1979 Richard C. Tompkins


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