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The present experiment was designed to assess the subject's attitude and overt behavior towards release of privileged information. It was a completely randomized 2x2x2 factorial with the following three independent variables: (a) participation or nonparticipation in an experiment, (b) receiving a survey requesting either personal or impersonal information, and (c) receiving the survey in either a group or individual setting. The two dependent variables were the subject's attitude (as shown by a 5-point Likert scale) concerning release of privileged information to be placed in the subject's official University file and the subject's actual behavior as shown by his depositing the survey in either a box marked "For Official University Files " or "Confidential -- For Experimental Purposes Only." It was hypothesized that more subjects in the experiment condition would consent to release of the information than subjects in the no experiment condition. It was also hypothesized that more subjects in the individual setting would consent to the release than subject s in the group condition. The results showed that females were significantly more amenable towards release of the information than were males and that there was a moderate positive relationship between a subject's expressed attitude and the subject's overt behavior.


Thomas T. Jackson

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