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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science


Michael Sanera


Has the State of Kansas adequately carried out its clearinghouse functions as outlined in the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-95? Through this function, has the state provided substantial comments that have affected the outcome of federal grants in Kansas? In order to identify the problems that exist in the current A-95 operations in the Statewide Clearinghouse of Kansas, this study was conducted. It has been determined that the Statewide A-95 Clearinghouse has no established goals and objectives on which to base its operations. The Statewide A-95 Clearinghouse has only minimal priority programs and review criteria on which to base A-95 reviews. The size of the staff is devoted to A-95 is inadequate to deal with the large volume of applications received by the Statewide Clearinghouse. The information obtained and compiled into reports form the large number of applications for federal assistance has only been analyzed or made available to state policy makers on a limited basis or when time permitted. These and other findings resulting from this study provide the basic for several recommendations which may improve the Statewide A-95 Clearinghouse process in Kansas.


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