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Master of Arts (MA)


In my opinion, art is the most personal means of expressing myself that I am capable of, and therefore the most difficult to examine and explain. My paintings and drawings are the innermost feelings about something very close to me, namely nature. Nature is an inspiration to me because it has freedom, it has space, it has endurance and longevity. This, however, does not mean that my work is merely a copy of nature. I dislike copying from pictures because that does not give me enough freedom to discover my feelings about a subject. And I do not paint from nature, but rather of nature. Nature has no starting point or stopping point, no beginning or end. So, I draw from my mind the stored-up images that I have accumulated from nature and, through a spiritual gift (for I do believe that art is a spiritual talent), I try to depict my feelings about the wonder of the outdoors. My art, then, becomes an expression of my mood coupled with an imaginary interpretation of something I have seen in my lifetime.


Joanne Harwick

Date of Award

Summer 1978

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Thesis - campus only access


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