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Master of Science (MS)


This study investigated referral and evaluation procedures in relation to the final diagnosis and placement of 176 children labeled mildly mentally retarded and described these children in terms of specific biographical and educational variables. Also, it examined reasons for referral of these children for evaluation, while surveying the prevalence of behavioral, emotional, social, linguistic, perceptual - motor, and other educational handicaps among them. In attending to the prevalence of certain characteristics and epidemiological trends associated with the mildly mentally handicapped population, descriptive statistics were used to report the results of this investigation in a meaningful form. Certain linguistic and socioeconomic differences were found to exist between Hispano and Anglo children prior to initial diagnosis and placement. While data indicated that the referral rationale differed among ethnic groups, it was found that different criteria for diagnosis based on psycho-educational evaluation was being used simultaneously by educational specialists.


Daniel Kaeck

Date of Award

Summer 1978

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Thesis - campus only access


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